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Four Square offers a large conservation area including activities for air rifle, pistol ranges, rifle ranges, trap, clays, archery ranges, cpl training and more. We offer a large club house for member gatherings, meetings etc. Check the calendar for upcoming events. 

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Upcoming Events

7/30/2016 - Club Rented For Clays Shoot
8/14/2016 - Golf And Clays
8/13/2016 - CPL Class (Concealed Pistol)
8/28/2016 - Kiwanis Fund Raiser
8/20/2016 - DTE Sporting Clays Shoot
8/27/2016 - Hunter Safety (Gun & Bow)
8/28/2016 - Hunter Safety (Gun & Bow)
8/8/2016 - Board Meeting
8/27/2016 - Club Rented For Clays Shoot
9/22/2016 - DBM Clays Shoot
9/12/2016 - Board Meeting
9/17/2016 - DTE Corporate Shoot
9/24/2016 - Boy Scout Shoot
9/25/2016 - Yale Brockway Fire Dept. Clays Shoot
9/28/2016 - Last day for summer hours
9/17/2016 - CPL Class (Concealed Pistol)
9/1/2016 - Steak & Clays




We need your help.  Our club needs people to come help clean up the grounds, shooting stations , please contact one of our board members and let us know how and when you would be available to help. Board Members


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